How to be a Frikr


In this tutorial, Davif will be teaching you how to become a frikr, and it's pretty simple. It includes going to Google though, so keep that web browser open.

Photoshop and Paint

To become one of the frikrs, you gotta first know how to use both Adobe Photoshop and MS Paint interchangably. But what is Adobe Photoshop and MS Paint you may ask? Well, they're both image editing and producing tools, that let you make some gud memes, required if you want to become a frikr, except that Photoshop is a bit more advanced, and has more tools, while Paint is a lot simpler, made for easy usage. If you need more help, go on Google and search for some tutorials.

Making Memes

A step to becoming a frikr, is to start creating memes. First, you must have both Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft (MS) Paint. We explained more earlier, if you still need help, go and search for tutorials on Google. To start making memes, fire up either Photoshop or Paint. Now, either start drawing bad drawing versions of pictures, or edit them by either adding text, or other such things that are probably really obvious. Bam, you got some memes.

Meming other things

Other things can be memed, such as spelling mistakes, screenshots of people's stuff, and face cams, such as with

**This is an example of someone that can be memed about, a lot.

Sharing Memes

Now you got your memes, (or you just stole them), you can now go and share your memes with other people, either on the Internet, or with someone in real life using a USB thumb drive or something. To share your memes, you have many options. You can share memes using a USB thumb drive, social media, and even your own website that you created. Basically, just use the normal way of sharing pictures and stuff.



Congratulations, you've successfully become a frikr. Now start being a frikr online, or maybe in real life. (actually don't be a frikr in real life, that will result in a bad)